Conformity check

Process of assessment

Process of assessment for system 4


Register certificates for system 4 Open register of issued certificates for system 4  


Other important actions for the manufacturer to include:

• Integrated system for factory production control (FPC)

• Initial type testing (ITT) of the product performed by the producer

• Declaration of performance (DoP)

10 years records Keeping the technical documentation for a period of 10 years after the construction product has been placed on the market 
Register of complaints Keeping a register of all complaints about non-conformance or product recalls, informe distributers of any product recalls 
10 years records Adherence to specific marking requirements
10 years records Supplying instructions and safety information in the language of the member state in which the product is being sold
10 years records Immediate corrective measures if a product is not in conformity with the DoP