Dedal performs training in Technical Legislation, Quality and Standardization. We have the necessary working environment and competency to perform training in the field of quality management and attestation of construction products. The training can be arranged upon customer’s requests.

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Lead auditor training LEAD AUDITOR TRAINING  

Understanding and implementing the concepts of the standards and auditing


A full array of ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, ISO 27000, ISO 50001

Dedal auditor training DEDAL AUDITOR TRAINING

Become an approved Dedal auditor and conduct audits worldwide 


  • Understand quality management definitions, concepts, and guidelines
  • Understand the purpose and requirements of the standards
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditor
  • Apply definitions, concepts, and guidelines
  • Recognize the principles, practices, and types of audits
  • Conduct all phases of an internal audit
  • Prepare and present effective reports
  • Understand the role of objectives, scope, and criteria in the audit process
  • How to plan audits
  • Conduct audit team selection
  • Initiate the audit and conduct opening meetings
  • Understand lead auditor responsibilities
  • Communicate effectively during the audit
  • Prepare audit conclusions and conduct closing meetings
  • Report audit results to close a project